Introducing Vixen Vodka – Can This Be The Chick Vodka To Make It ?

vixen vodka hero alt IIHIH

I previously posted about three Vodka brands that specifically targeted women. Two of the brands are gone entirely: Diva brand Vodka and Igor Velodin’s Damaskaya, both aimed at women, were failures. The third, the globally known brand Van Gogh Vodka, dropped its campaign positioning their Blue Vodka as one for women. Now, Vixen Enterprises is trying it again. Perhaps this is the one that will succeed. Read more

Another Vodka Tries Advertising To Women. Introducing Van Gogh Blue.

Van Gogh Blue Vodka Targets Women

In today’s New York Times, Stuart Elliott, in his campaign spotlight column, wrote about Van Gogh Blue, a triple distilled wheat Vodka that specifically targets women. Read more