Vintage Items Made Irreverent With Typography

Canadian artist Marie-Claude Marquis (aka MC Marquis) as adds irreverence to vintage china tableware and embroidered tapestries and they are a hoot. She finds old needlepoint and dinnerware upon which she prints intricate typography referencing explicit swear words, Québécois slang, and hilarious pop references. Read more

Turkey & Breasts. Vintage Hollywood Thanksgiving PinUps. [30 pics]

vintage Hollywood Thanksgiving Pinups on if its hip its here

After the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, as you await your 2:00pm dinner and football games, I have just the thing to whet your appetite. A collection of vintage pinup photos of established actresses and unknown starlets posing with Thanksgiving props to promote themselves and their movie studios. Read more

The Egg Nog Project – A Kitschy Collection of Cartons From All Over The Country.


My apologies if you saw this on the old and now archive of If It’s Hip, It’s Here, but for some reason this one post didn’t transfer when I switched over to this url, so I am reposting it for the holiday season. Read more