Andrew Myers Decides To Screw Art. Portraits Made With A Drill and Philips Head Screws.

andrew myers screw portraits

It’s hard to know whether or not to call Andrew Myers’ work paintings or sculpture. A bit of both, Artist Andrew Myers uses anywhere from 8,000 – 10,000 screws (which he then hand paints) drilled into boards to create thoughtful portraits of men and women. Read more

Dryer Lint Handroll Anyone? Sushi Sculptures Made With Actual Lint.

dryer lint sushi

Artist Slater Barron works in several different mediums and has created everything from large scale installations to small sculptures. But what caught my eye were her actual size sculptures of sushi handcrafted from real dryer lint. Read more

Cute Characters Die An Ugly Death In The Compelling Crochet Sculptures of Patricia Waller.

We often think of knit or crocheted objects made with yarn, cotton and wool as cozy, comforting, even grandma-esque. But the works of artist Patricia Waller will most certainly shift that paradigm.

above: Sesame Street’s Ernie is drinking himself to death and Spongebob is about to electrocute himself in two pieces from Waller’s most recent Broken Heroes collection.

With collections named Broken Heroes, Bad Luck, How To Kill Your First Love and Accidents, her works feature loveable icons, dolls and cute little animals in dire straits or dying a brutal death. Teddy bears, duckies, bunnies and the like are stabbed, bludgeoned and bleeding while recognizable characters like Winnie The Pooh, Miss Piggy, Bugs and Spiderman find themselves meeting an ugly demise. Hello Kitty commits Seppuku, Tweety Bird becomes Chicken Soup and Bambi gets the axe.

Simultaneously disturbing and compelling, I had to share some of her pieces with you.

Below are some pieces from her Broken Heroes and Bad Luck Collections:

Some pieces from her Happy Gardening Collection:

Some pieces from her How To Kill Your First Love Collection:

and finally, two pieces from her Accidents Collection:

Born in Chile, Patricia Waller now lives and works in Germany:

In the artist’s own words:

“My ambiguous universe wrought from our turbulent modern existence is focused on art, commerce, technology, and pop culture. In a subversive tongue-in-cheek manner, I mix together the absurd and the bizarre, careful observations of everyday life and an interest in humanity, to create the different phases of my work.

Due to the technique of crocheting, traditionally a handcraft that is carried out in the intimacy of a cozy home, my artworks seem harmless at first sight.

But if you take a closer look, you will discover biting irony and a strong dose of nastiness.” — Patricia Weller

See more of her work here

Planet Of The Apes Portraits Created With 57,000 Stainless Steel Ball Bearings.

Planet Of The Apes Portraits

Artist Joe Black doesn’t monkey around when it comes to interesting mosaics. Known for his assemblages crafted from vintage badges, Lego bricks and plastic toy soldiers, he’s used ball bearings to recreate two portraits of Cornelius and one of Zira, the monkeys played by Roddy McDowell and Kim Hunter, respectively from Escape From Planet Of The Apes the third movie in the original movie franchise. Read more

Dot to Dot to Divine. Incredible Portraits by Thomas Pravitte.

Melbourne, Australia based illustrator, graphic designer, artist and typographer Thomas Pravitte dabbles in many unusual forms of art. One of his most impressive and unique projects is that of labor-intensive line drawings connected by thousands of dots.

Take a look at his dot-to dot Mona Lisa, which consisted of 6,239 dots and took over 9 hours to complete.

He sells limited edition prints of his Mona Lisa:

A time lapse video of the creation of his dot-to-dot Mona Lisa:

Do It Yourself Dot to Dot Portrait Templates
But here’s what I really find fascinating. He has created and sells dot-to-dot templates that combine two related images in one. The dot to dot templates are color-coded in sets of 100 making them easier to follow and YOU actually complete the drawings yourself, seeing them unfold in first one portrait, and then two, topped off with your own signature.

Let me explain visually. We’ll start with his Michael Jackson dot-to-dot portrait which combines the young Michael Jackson and the mature Michael Jackson so you can of what I am speaking.

Here is what the image looks like prior to any connecting of the dots:

Beginning to connect the dots:

and voila! First you get young Michael Jackson…

and then as you continue to draw,

a more mature Michael Jackson appears:

The sequence of the drawings:

The final portrait:

Monkey Jesus:
As you start, a monkey appears. Continue to draw and another image surfaces:

The sequence of the drawing:

And finally, Monkey Jesus!

Yes, You Can – Obama:

And the final portrait:

Buy these limited edition Do It yourself Dot to Dot portraits.

Don’t Panic features an interview with Thomas Pravitte that you should check out here.

See all of Thomas’ interesting work here on Behance.

Shoot, That’s Fun. The Bullet Hole Art Of Walt Creel.

Bullet Hole Art
above image courtesy of The Birmingham News

Walt Creel of Birmingham, Alabama uses a deadly weapon, ironically, to create images of sweet Southern wildlife. Brandishing a rifle, he fires .22 caliber bullets through 4′ x 6′ white painted aluminum panels to form images of a deer, an owl, a rabbit, a possum, a squirrel and bird in his project, De-Weaponizing The Gun. Read more

Olivier Kosta-Théfaine (Stak) Fires Up Some Cool Ceiling Art

Artist Olivier Kosta-Théfaine (aka Olivier Stak) of France has an unusual way to add decor to the ceiling. And all it takes is a lighter, a ladder and a load of talent.

The following images of Olivier’s burnt ceiling art are from various gallery installations as well as private homes:

About the artist (his bio from his site):
Born in 1972, Olivier Kosta-Théfaine lives and works in Paris, France. In each of his interventions, Olivier Kosta-Théfaine plays with the codes and clichés of popular culture. He uses the languages and codes of the city and its suburbs, changing or modifying their original meaning so it can be understood by a broader public. His reflection is essentially based in rehabilitating the, often deconsidered, elements that belong to the city. His fascination for the suburbs has switched to a passion that is essential to his everyday work. The city is his muse, the drive for his artistic inspiration. He tries to decipher a discredited world through simple and ironic little mechanisms which he then transposes into galleries. By introducing the language of popular culture into the white cube, Olivier Kosta-Théfaine uses the suburb’s many clichés, plays with the truth and distorts the elements of pop culture. Olivier Kosta-Théfaine makes fun of himself … While others wear a tie and work on improving their table manners, he’s proud of being “38% chav” and claims it loud and clear. His work is more ironic than fundamentally serious. He asserts his pride of belonging to the concrete universe of suburbs, on the edge between glam and pop.

See his website and more work of his here.

Below is a video of an interview with the artist filmed at the Alice Gallery, Brussels.

You can read an interview with the artist and see some of his earlier works here.

Aspiral Clocks From London. Telling Time With A Twist.

Aspiral clocks

Custom made in London, these unusual wall clocks slowly rotate so that the ball sits on the ledge of the spiral. As the clock reaches 12:00, the ball drops into the hole, only to reappear and start again.

Aspiral Clocks

The Aspiral clocks from London are available in various colors and patterns and can be shipped worldwide.

Some of the available colors and patterns: aspiral clocksaspiral clocksaspiral clocks

Price is £350 or $540.00 USD buy them here.