Haunting Taxidermy Doll Sculptures by Stefanie Vega Make The Perfect Halloween Post.

stephanie vega sculptures IIHIH

Dolls, in general, freak me out. As they do many people. So do clowns, birds, bones and taxidermy. Now, combine all of those and you have the haunting mixed media sculptures of Brooklyn born, now Venice, California-based artist Stefanie Vega. Read more

Stuffed Livestock Furnishings From Italy’s Armin Blasbichler Studio.

Stuffed Livestock Furnishings

Given my posts on tattooed pigs and pigskins received so many controversial reactions, I can only imagine how these tables from Armin Blasbichler Studio, which combine furniture design with taxidermy, are going to go over. Read more

Sandra Musy Taxidermy Art: Dead Animals Get Decorated

sandra musy taxidermy art

Sandra Musy: La Nature Vénéneuse was a recent exhibition featuring some seriously glamorous taxidermy — sparkly stuffed animals of the real variety. Read more