Stuffed Livestock Furnishings From Italy’s Armin Blasbichler Studio.

Stuffed Livestock Furnishings

Given my posts on tattooed pigs and pigskins received so many controversial reactions, I can only imagine how these tables from Armin Blasbichler Studio, which combine furniture design with taxidermy, are going to go over. Read more

The World’s Largest Crochet Sculpture & Crochetdermy by Shauna Richardson.

crochetdermy by artist Shauna Richardsonabove: Shauna Richardson stands by her Lionheart project, the world’s largest crochet sculpture

Crochetdermy by Shauna Richardson turns game hunters into knit wits. Her mounted animal heads and animal statues made of hand crocheted knits take the old tradition of taxidermy and give it a politically correct and artful spin. She creates life-sized and oversized sculptures that blend craft, realism and collecting. Read more

Mounted Life. Stunning Taxidermy Photography By Danielle van Ark.

The Mounted Life is a series of photographs by Royal Academy of Arts graduate Danielle van Ark. She visited the storage and archives of museums around the world and found animals in surroundings and environments so far from their natural habitats she was struck by the inherent contrast and photographed them. Read more

Real Road Kill Bracelets by Metalsmith, Jeweler and Taxidermist Lucy Jenkins.

One of the best uses of Road Kill I’ve ever seen. These unusual and surprisingly attractive bracelets were made by award-winning metalsmith/jeweler/taxidermist Lucy Jenkins.

The gold-plated and sterling silver Road Kill Fur bangles are lined with fur sourced from actual Road kill and engraved with the Latin name of the animal and the road from which it was sourced. The Road Kill Range attempts to create a new way of wearing ethical fur for aesthetic purposes.

Oryctolagus Cuniculus (rabbit), found on the A3052 – Gold Plate, Road Kill Rabbit Fur:

“NO ANIMALS WERE KILLED FOR THE PURPOSE OF THESE PIECES” is actually printed on the lid of the presentation box for the bracelets.

Lupus Americanus (hare), found on the B3212 – Gold Plate, Road Kill Hare Fur:

The above two bracelets were available for purchase at Luna and Curious but have been sold out.

Other bracelets from the range (no longer available):
Oryctolagus Cuniculus B3180 – Solid Silver, Road Kill Rabbit Fur:

images courtesy of the artist and Luna and Curious

Lucy Jenkins

Sandra Musy Taxidermy Art: Dead Animals Get Decorated

sandra musy taxidermy art

Sandra Musy: La Nature Vénéneuse was a recent exhibition featuring some seriously glamorous taxidermy — sparkly stuffed animals of the real variety. Read more

More Swine Art by Wim Delvoye : Tattooed Pigs & Pigskins (UPDATED PICS)

My last post on artist Wim Delvoye, his pig farm and his tattooed pigs has received so much interest – as well as controversy- that I’m sure to stir up the pot by showing you where you can see more of his actual tattooed pigs (in this case, stuffed as opposed to live) as well as his framed tattooed pigskins. Read more

Inked Oinkers: Tattooed Pigs by Wim Delvoye (UPDATED PICS)

tattooed pigs by wim delvoye

Tattoos have become less of a taboo and far more mainstream in the past decade. Two reality shows are focused on tattoo artists, many magazines are published specifically about the craft and tons of products have hit the market that either sport tattoos or are tattoo-inspired, be them dishes, furniture or clothes. Read more