Vintage Rocking Horses Turned Into A Magical Unicorn Chandelier

magical unicorn chandelier

If you are not familiar with the work of Stuart Haygarth, you’re missing out. An artist and designer who turns found objects into spectacular lighting, furniture, and art installations, his pieces are whimsical, technological and imaginative. A wonderful example of this is his Prairie King light, an enormous chandelier that turns English mid-century, ride-on, spring-mounted rocking horses into unicorns with illuminated horns, clinging to a suspension lamp covered with fairground bulbs. Read more

Weird and Wonderful Worldwide Web Wonders

Weird and Wonderful Worldwide Web Wonders
cool doorknobs, head handbags, lap pillow, taillight lamp and pig speakers

No lack of Weird and Wonderful on the web! Here are a few new funky finds from all over the world for you Read more