Paintings That Are Truly Gems. Realistic Crystals and Minerals Rendered In Oils.

Carly Waito Realistic Gem Paintings

These amazingly realistic oil paintings on masonite by Carly Waito are really precious. Literally and figuratively. The small scale works range in size from 4.5″ x 6″ to 11″ x 12′ and impressively capture the way crystals and rocks reflect and refract light. Given the healing properties of many stones and minerals, these works have appeal in both their craft and subject matter. I’d like to own several of them and hang them together. As you can see, they sell quickly (almost every single one shown in this post is sold). Read more

Hirotoshi Ito Turns Stone Into Sculptures That Rock.

Hirotoshi Ito Rock Sculptures consist of zippered stones that conceal odd objects, carved boulders and rocks that appear malleable and laughing stones baring teeth. Read more