A Menorah That Reminds Of A Gentler, Kinder America

The first night of the Jewish holiday, Hanukkah, begins tomorrow night, December 2nd. Borrowing a phrase from recently departed President George H.W Bush, this seemed like an opportune time to introduce you to Manfred Anson’s Liberty Menorah, a Hanukkah lamp that represents Freedom and Liberty. Read more

Welcome To New York 1911. Amazing Footage Will Take You Back In Time.

Welcome to New York, 1911. Youtuber Guy Jones came across some astounding old footage from the New York Museum of Modern Art’s film library. The documentary footage was taken in New York over 100 years ago, three years before the outbreak of World War I. MoMA’s restoration of New York 1911 was derived from the original nitrate print of the film and looked surprisingly good; with added music by Ben Model. But Guy Jones improved upon it by adding ambient sounds, instead of music, to the silent footage and slowing down the speed for a more natural appearance. Read more

As Lady Liberty Turns 130, A Comprehensive Visual History

Statue Of Liberty History In Pictures

A gift from France to celebrate our country’s independence, she has has stood over New York Harbor since Oct. 28, 1886. That makes Lady Liberty 130 years old as of yesterday. Read more