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It’s Star Wars Day. One blog. Twelve years. Over 70 posts on Star Wars related art and products here

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Louboutin Star Wars Shoes Benefit Starlight Foundation

Long ago we shared with you some very funky Star Wars shoes by trendy brand Irregular Choice.  You can now throw those in the back of the closet because legendary chic shoe designer Christian Louboutin has just created 5 pair of swanky heels – each embellished with bejeweled tie-fighters –  for The Walt Disney Studios and Lucasfilm as  a one-of-a-kind collaboration for Star Wars: The Last Jedi. Read more

All 14 Crazy Pairs of Star Wars Shoes by Irregular Choice (and where to buy them)

Star Wars Shoes by Irregular Choice

While they are certainly imaginative and fun to look at, these fourteen “official” Star Wars branded women’s shoes from Irregular Choice are the oddest things to grace the feet of fans of the Sci-Fi movie franchise. Read more