Scott Cummins Doesn’t Carve Pumpkins, He Sculpts Them

scott cummins carved pumpkins

Like most Halloween-loving people, Scott Cummins carves pumpkins every year for the October holiday. Unlike most people, his pumpkins really are carved. In other words, they resemble sculpture more than most because he utilizes the depth of the pumpkin as much as actually perforating completely through the skin. His pumpkins are almost more impressive when not lit from within. Read more

Pumpkin Carving Continues To Grow Even Geekier

geeky pumpkinsabove, clockwise from upper left: nerd pumpkins include a nod to Mac OS, Mario of Mario Brothers video games, The Pi symbol, and a Space Invader from the video game of the same name.

All Hallow’s Eve (aka Halloween) always brings out the geek in everyone, especially when it comes to carving pumpkins. Being a geek myself, I carve my pumpkins each year in the shape of my dog (without a stencil), and turn them into Halloween cards, two of which are shown later in this post. Read more