70 Star Wars Related Posts in 12 Years. Happy Star Wars Day!

Over 70 Star Wars posts

It’s Star Wars Day. And if there’s one thing we know and love it’s the creative work inspired by the ongoing sci-fi movie franchise. From collaborations to commissions, this one blog has celebrated the Lucasfilms movies with over 70 fabulous Star Wars posts! Read more

Red Hong Yi Invites You To Her Dark Side For Star Wars Day

Every year, in honor of Official Star Wars Day, May 4th, we always bring you a creative Star Wars related post. This year it’s the very cool Star Wars Shadows created by assemblage artist Red Hong Yi whose amazing work we’ve shared with you before here, here and here. Read more

In Honor Of Star Wars Day, The Characters As Flemish Portraits

Star Wars Characters as Flemish Portraits

Today is May 4th, also known as the official Star Wars Day, the perfect time to introduce you to this unusual series of portraits, Flemish in The Stars. You may have seen French photographer Sacha Goldberger’s series of Superheroes as 17th century Flemish portraits which has made its rounds on the internet several times. But did you know he created a similar series with Star Wars characters as Flemish portraits? Read more

Dreaming Of The Dark Side: A Sexy Star Wars Photo Editorial For Star Wars Day!

Dreaming of the dark side

As odd as it may seem to some, there are people who find Star Wars very arousing. Sure the light sabers are phallic and there’s a lot of heavy breathing, but canoodling with a Stormtrooper? “Dreaming of the Dark Side” is a photographic editorial of a young girl – dressed as a Twi’lek– lustfully dreaming about Darth Vader and a Stormtrooper, too. Read more