40 Years Later Caitlyn Jenner Reflects on Olympian Decathlete Bruce.

Forget all the sensationalism, the acrylic nails and the reality show. This is Caitlyn Jenner at her most vulnerable and real, proving she still has the same internal drive and dedication that led to her becoming one of the most legendary sports figures of our time. Here we are, 40 years later as she looks back with Sports Illustrated. Read more

Kate Upton In A Bathing Suit In Zero Gravity For 2014 Sports Illustrated – 15 Pics and Video.

kate upton zero gravity in bathing suit

As part of the enormous 50th Anniversary Edition of Sports Illustrated’s Swimsuit Issue, the buxom and beautiful Kate Upton was photographed at Cape Canaveral in their zero gravity chamber by James Macari. Read more

A Look At The Barbie Shoot For The 2014 SI Swimsuit Edition.

Barbie on Sports Illustrated Cover

News has broken that this year’s cover model for the annually anticipated Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition is none other than the disproportionately endowed blonde we know and love as Barbie. Read more

The Super Sexy Body Painting of Joanne Gair

joanne gair body painting

It dawned on me that I really couldn’t mention the talented work of Joanne Gair in the context of a post about body painting without showing you some of her amazing work, so now I’ve decided to do just that. Read more