Saint Hoax Sums up 2017 in 30 seconds.

Saint Hoax Sums up 2017 in 30 seconds

I think most of us are happy to push out 2017 and usher in 2018 in hopes of a less harrowing and heinous year. Certainly irreverent artist Saint Hoax feels that way. Saint Hoax Sums up 2017 in 30 seconds and rather accurately (although we are missing the wildfires and a few other tragedies) in this funny and frightening piece of animation starring Disney’s Snow White. Read more

Hilarious POPlitically Incorrect iPhone Cases from Saint Hoax

poplitically incorrect iphone cases

Pseudonymous Middle Eastern artist Saint Hoax clearly has a lot of fun combining a love for POP Culture and Politics with Photoshop to result in art and objects that have a brutal honesty and wit. His iPhone cases are a way to own a piece of his twisted take on the world while amusing yourself and others. Read more