A Solo Exhibit of Robert Greene’s Latest Works Opens at the Robert Miller Gallery.

Robert Greene at the Robert Miller Gallery

Since I began this blog in 2007, one of the continually most popular posts has been that of a beautiful photography book featuring the sex appeal of hirsute males; Hairy, by Robert Greene. Now learn about his incredible artwork and his new solo show at the Robert Miller Gallery. Read more

Celebrating Hairy Men; A Beautiful Book And A Backlash To Waxed Men Everywhere

hairy_cover IIHIH copy
above: Hairy, Photographs by Robert Greene

This latest book is categorized by powerHouse books as “Gay Interest/Nudity” but it’s so much more than that. At a time when waxed chests and smooth bodies are all the rage (note my previous post on Gillette’s manscaping site, Norelco’s Bodygroom Manalogues and the Mangroomer), I am so pleased to see someone celebrating the masculinity of a hairy body. All hail the hirsute! Read more