Christmas Nutcrackers For Nerds. Robot Nutcrackers by Matthias Zschaler for Suck UK.

Designed by Matthias Zschaler for Suck UK is a fun twist on the traditional Christmas Nutcracker. Two Robot nutcrackers, one large and one small, are made of beechwood and painted in bright retro colors.

Using the ‘wind up key’ to break the nut, any nut, placed in their belly they are both fun and functional and make great gifts for the holiday season.

Large Blue Robot Nutcracker:

The large Blue Robot Nutcracker measures: Width 125mm x Height 330mm x Depth 60mm
price: $40

Small Red Robot Nutcracker:

The small Red Robot Nutcracker measures: Width 140mm x Height 220mm x Depth 50mm
price: $30

Buy them here

Limited Edition Star Trek Wines Feature Labels With The Artwork of Juan Ortiz.

Star Trek Wines

Star Trek Wines are a limited edition of varietals that feature artwork designed by artist Juan Ortiz in celebration of Star Trek: The Original Series. Fans will recognize three of the wine labels as three of the most beloved episodes of all time: “The City on the Edge of Forever,” “The Trouble with Tribbles” and “Mirror, Mirror.” Read more

Vintage Fireworks Posters, Packaging and Labels for The Fourth of July.

above: a vintage Litho from the Colorcraft Poster Co. in Oklahoma City

I scoured the web, online fireworks museums, vintage poster shops and more to find 30 of the most beautifully designed graphic and illustrated fireworks labels, posters and packaging from the 20th century to share with you. Read more

Handcrafted Nintendo NES Controller Coffee Tables – And They Actually Work!

Nintendo NES Controller coffee tables

There was such a positive response to the wooden coffee table that was shaped like a cassette, I simply had to share with you these two different versions of Nintendo NES Controller Coffee Tables by Charles Lushear of Venice, California’s Bohemian Workbench. Read more

Add A Steampunk Edge To Your Lighting With Nostalgic Bulbs Like These Artists Did.

Bulbrite Nostalgic Collection

For those who love Nixie Clocks, Steampunk and Vintage lighting, Bulbrite’s Nostalgic collection of Edison-like light bubs with creative filament designs is a great creative resource for personal projects or simply some retro home decor. Read more

Fictional Magazine Covers Combine Retro Superheroes and Pin-Up Girls.

Superhero Pin-Up Girls by Des Taylor

Illustrator Des Taylor, who has a self-professed obsession with retro film and 50’s pin-up girls, combined these interests to come up with a collection of fictional magazine covers featuring Superhero Pin-Up Cover Girls. Read more

Three Different Designers Do An Artful Retro Take on Cyberspace and Social Media.

retro graphic design social media

Three different designers have all created various posters and ads that take the most popular sites in cyberspace and give them a vintage look. From Google Plus to Facebook, the stylized retro treatment emulates everything from Propaganda posters to vintage textbooks. Take a look. Read more

Retro 80’s Items Made Entirely Out of Cut Paper by Artists Zim and Zou.

paper objects by zim and zou

I’m happy to have discovered paper artists Zim and Zou, aka Thibault Zimmermann and Lucie Thomas, thanks to an interview in Don’t Panic Read more