Artist Decorated Rega Turntables Raise Money for Charity.

artists decorate Rega Turntables for charity

Secret 7″ and Greenwich Peninsula invited ten contemporary artists to create unique versions of Rega Turntables for Planar 1/1, an auction to raise funds for Mind, the mental health charity. Artists who embellished and made the turntables into unique pieces included Gavin Turk, Jeremy Deller and Jake & Dinos Chapman. Read more

High Color High Gloss High Performance Turntables from Rega

Rega Research Ltd. is a high-end audio equipment manufacturer based in the UK. Founded in 1973, the company’s name was formed of the initials of its two founders (RElph & GAndy). Historically Rega are best known for the Rega Planar turntable, but in recent years the company has diversified into a range of other hi-fi products. Read more