Drawings That Look Like Cross-Stitching. Eric Beltz Elementary Forces.

Eric Beltz Elementary Forcesabove: Eric Beltz, Elementary Forces 6, 2013, Graphite on Bristol, 18″ x 15″

Santa Barbara-based artist Eric Beltz’ Elementary Forces is a collection of hypnotically detailed graphite drawings on Bristol that illustrate Beltz’s decade-long work inspired by his in-depth research of history, religion and symbolism. Read more

Consider Your Mind Blown. The Phenomenally Realistic Graphite Drawings of Kelvin Okafor.

Kelvin Okafur pencil drawings
above: graphite drawing in progress by Kelvin Okafor

Kelvin Okafor describes himself as a “Passionate penciled artist. Highly interested in detail and precision.” I’d say that’s an understatement once you see the phenomenally realistic graphite drawings created by this UK Illustrator. As astounding as the finished pieces are (it’s truly difficult to discern whether or not they are photographs until you look extremely closely), the evolution of the drawings shown on his blog, and as videos on his YouTube channel, will blow your mind. Read more