Add Flavor To Your Kitchen With Custom Range Hoods By Bastille Metal Works.

With range hoods varying from modern to baroque -fit for any style kitchen, Bastille Metal Works has has revolutionized the art of cooking ventilation.

Art Inspired Range Hoods:

above: Andy Warhol’s Soup Can and Knives silkscreens are translated into custom range hoods by Bastille Metal Works

above: A Jasper Johns inspired range hood

above: A vintage Chevy’s front end crafted into a functional range hood by Bastille Metal Works.

With a 100% customizable line of slip cast range hoods in an endless combination of patterns, sizes, designs and materials, the artisans at Bastille Metal Works pride themselves on their ability to offer beautiful, hand detailed functional additions to your kitchen that will captivate the eye.

The slip cast zinc range hood (also available in bronze, copper and pewter) is designed specifically for each client. Where another company may hesitate to take on a custom project, Bastille Metal Works accepts such ideas not as a challenge, but as an opportunity to truly shine at their craft as custom metal designers.

Traditional range hoods:

Bastille Metal Works

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