Portraits Drawn On World and Celestial Maps by Ed Fairburn

above: Windermere, Pencil on a cropped map of the English Lakes – specifically Lake Windermere.

Cardiff-based illustrator Ed Fairburn sees things in maps most of us do not. His map-based portraits combine the art of cartography with the drawing of the human face. Read more

Pencils Packaged To Make the Portrait of Russian Mathematician Grigori Perelman.

Using a portrait of Russian Mathematician Grigori Perelman by artist Jules Julian, designers Alan Temiraev and Volodenka Zotov created a beautifully designed pencil set.

The packaging is designed so that when intact, the eight individually boxed graphite pencils make up the illustrated portrait, by Jules Julien, of the Russian mathematician Grigori Perelman, famous for solving the the legendary Poincaré Conjecture.*

The beautifully designed pencil box has a die-cut window in the shape of the portrait’s head and foil stamping. The interior of the box has a color printed image of the universe.

Each graphite pencil is a different degree of lead  (2H, H, F, HB, B, 2B, 3B, 4B) and individually packaged in multi-colored four-sided boxes so that, when properly aligned, they make up the graphic portrait of Perelman seen through the die-cut window.

Grigori (or Grigory) Perelman:

*Perelman solved the legendary Poincaré Conjecture, one of the world’s most difficult mathematical tasks. He was awarded the Field Medal but Perelman didn’t show up to claim the award, and said he doesn’t want it. He told a British newspaper, “I do not think anything that I say can be of the slightest public interest.” Refusing to take the one million dollars in prize money, he remarked “Why do I need a million dollars if I can control the universe?”

Designers: Alan Temiraev, Volodenka Zotov
Illustrators: Julien Jules, Phil
images courtesy of The Bold Studio on behance, first sighted on Fubiz

The 2012 ArtPrize Winner Adonna Khare And A Close Look At Her Mural.

Art Prize Winner Adonna Khare
above: detail from ‘Elephants’, the first place winner of the 2012 ArtPrize

ArtPrize has become the world’s largest art competition by combining $560,000 in total prizes with an open call for artists, venues, and critics. This year’s first place winner, “Elephants” by Adonna Khare is an illustrated series of life sized Elephants, intertwined with a menagerie of animals. (Links to all the finalists are at the end of this post). Read more

Vintage Looking Photos Are Actually Miniature Pencil Drawings by Paul Chiappe.

Miniature Pencil drawings by Paul Chaippe

I came across Paul Chiappe’s unusual and frankly, astonishing, work while reading this wonderful 5 part series of 100 artists to watch at ArtInfo. Read more

Pencil Sets by Melbourne Graffiti Artist Ghostpatrol

Pencil Sets by Melbourne Graffiti Artist Ghostpatrol

For someone who supposedly has a satirical black sense of humor, these pieces of artwork (which consist of assembled pencils, carved or cut to make the wood core a canvas and then painted upon) are some of the sweetest things I’ve ever seen. Framed as shown below, artist Ghostpatrol (aka David Booth) has created variations of these assemblages, using different types and colors of the pencils and numerous colored backgrounds on which they are mounted. Read more