Move Over Coloring Books, Paper Dolls for Adults Is The New Thing.

If It’s Hip, It’s Here pride ourselves on having the largest and most up-to-date database of cool Coloring Books for Grown-Ups on Pinterest with over 500. But that’s soooo 2017. Now it’s Paper Dolls for Adults that are the hottest new activity. Read more

Walking, Traveling, Dressing and Coloring With Your Octopus

Fun for the Octopus-Obsessed. If you’re not familiar with the illustrated books and activity books featuring Otto and Victoria by illustrator Brian Kesinger – then you’re doing your love of cephalopods a disservice. Drawn in his animated illustration style with a steampunk edge, Brian has published hardcover books, a coloring book, a paper doll book and more featuring the adventures of Victoria Psismall and her pet land octopus Otto. Read more