Ivana Zivic Rooms of Water

ivana Zivic Rooms of Water

Artist Ivana Zivic Rooms of Water paintings are a series of artworks which blend realism, fantasy and montage to result in surreal pieces that depict clothed human figures submerged underwater. Only they are not in lakes, pools or oceans but instead are swimming, floating and gliding through interiors. Read more

Artist David FeBland Depicts Urban Life In Los Angeles

How I Learned to Swim by David FeBland
above: David Febland, How I Learned to Swim 30″ x 48″ Oil on Canvas

It’s no secret that I have a thing for artwork that features swimming and a love for swimming pools. So whenever I come across an artist whose work features this subject matter, I love to dive – pardon the pun, a little deeper into their work. Read more

Drown The Dolls. Art Explores Women’s Issues By Submerging Barbie Underwater.

Paintings and photographs of Mattel’s iconic doll, Barbie, forcefully submerged underwater by artist Daena Title reflect her feeling of society’s idealization of women, issues of body consciousness and the impossible, unattainable perfection that the blond, preternaturally endowed Barbie represents. Read more

Artists Take The Plunge: Part II. 50+ Paintings of People Swimming.

above: painting by Lorraine Shemesh

Last week I posted “Artists Take The Plunge: The Swimming Pool As Subject” and introduced you to paintings of swimming pools; empty, full, still, even at night. Read more