Beauty In Tragedy: Photos of The California Wildfires

A malfunctioning sign in Santa Rosa spells out an eerie message one day after the Tubbs Fire devastated the Wine Country. photo: Karl Mondon/Bay Area News Group

You can’t get away from the photographs of the wildfires that have been decimating areas of Northern California. They’re everywhere; images of burning hills, billowing smoke, destroyed homes, frightened animals and exhausted firefighters. Although they are non-discriminatingly narrating California’s most tragic natural disaster to date, there’s a certain beauty to be found within them. Read more

A Bear Hugging California is Raising Over $100,000 in Relief Efforts

Our apologies for posting so infrequently as of late, but the Northern California Fires (my own home town area) have taken precedent. I chose to update people through my own facebook account and twitter account in lieu of writing blog posts because of the immediacy and ever-changing situation. But now, we share our first fire-related art story. Read more