The Coolest Swimming Pool Slide Ever. The Carbon Fiber Silver Leafed Shoot Slide.

SplinterWorks Shoot Pool Slide

SplinterWorks, formed in 2009 by Miles Hartwell and Matt Withington, is a custom furniture company whose designs are more like functional art than traditional pieces of furniture. Their self described mission is to create functional sculpture that unites conceptual, visual and practical fundamentals to create engaging and inspiring pieces. Read more

Obleeek Objects – Modern Concrete Planters For Indoor & Outdoor

modern concrete planters

Obleeek Object’s concrete planters began in an art studio. Created with specific thoughtful consideration in terms of their symmetry, finish, and visual impact. Crafted as a solution for seamlessly integrating nature and architecture. Read more

Modern Weathervanes From Italy by Dimensione Disegno.

modern weathervanes ganged hero IIHIH

I always felt that weathervanes, belonged atop a lovely country farmhouse- where, from the looks of most of the present designs, they belong. Read more