Javier Senosiain House Among The Trees

javier senosiain house among the trees

Architect Javier Senosiain is best known for his modern organic architecture such as his Nautilus and Organic House. Yet amongst all those hobbit-esque bubble homes with their rounded edges and subterranean interiors is this eye-catching 2014 modern home designed by the architect that has a cantilevered inclined roof and reflecting pool. Read more

‘La Piedra’ House of 700 Tons of Hand-cut and Placed Quartz Stone With Incredible Pool Is For Sale

la piedra home

“La Piedra” is the name given to this 7,500 sq ft, 5 bedroom, 6 bathroom, stone hilltop home with breathtaking swimming pool that is presently on the market for just under $8 million. Read more

A Paragon Of Modern Organic Architecture, The Desert House by Ken Kellogg (60 Photos)

Desert House by Ken Kellogg

The Desert House – or The Joshua Tree House as it’s been called – is owned by Jay Doolittle, who started building the house in 1987 with his wife, Bev. Completed in 1993, this 4,643 square foot modern estate tucked away in Joshua Tree has been carefully designed, elaborated upon, crafted and finessed for 27 years and is now on the market for the first time. Read more