With His Daughter As Muse, Photographer Hendrik Kerstens Emulates Flemish Paintings.

Hendrik Kerstens Emulates Flemish Paintings

A few weeks ago I shared with you the work of Suzanne Jongmans, who re-interpreted paintings by famous Dutch Masters using packing foam and materials here. In a similar vein, photographer Hendrik Kerstens has been photographing his daughter Paula since she was a child, posing, lighting and styling her in the manner of famous Flemish art. Using everyday objects like trash bags, toilet paper, lampshades and towels for the fashions, his images simultaneously capture his daughter’s serene beauty and the historical seventeenth century style of portraiture. Read more

Peter Tucker Roomboxes: Modern Interior Design, On a Different Scale.

Peter Tucker Roomboxes
above: Art Deco City room (look at the Corbusier Chairs and lucite table!)

Before you simply glance at the pictures below and think you are simply viewing yet another series of beautifully designed modern interiors… STOP and realize these are miniature models. Read more