The Conversion Of The Convent de Sant Francesc by Architect David Closes

The Convent de Sant Francesc

The intervention in the church of the convent of Sant Francesc, located in the Catalan town of Santpedor, was meant to convert the building into a cultural facility. The two phases implemented have allowed the building to be put to use as an auditorium and multipurpose cultural space. Read more

A Place Lego Lovers Will Worship. Abondantus Gigantus, A Lego-Like Church Pavilion.

In 2011, Michiel de Wit and Filip Jonker of LOOS.FM designed a temporary pavilion in the public space for the Grenswerk Festival in Enschede, Netherlands. The pavilion was to be a versatile meeting point and a place for stage performances, exhibitions and the catering industry. Read more

The Residential Church XL. Holy Modern Home! Renovated Church Townhouse In Utrecht.

The Residential Church XL

In 2009, the Saint Jakobus Church, located in Utrecht, on Bemuurde Weerd Oostzijde 56, was converted under architectural supervision of Zecc Architecture, into a beautiful modern town house. Read more