Recent Work (and a Limited Edition Sculpture) by artist Johan Barrios

johan barrios recent work

Contemporary Colombian born artist Johan Barrios considers himself a figurative painter but not a portraitist. Despite the fact that his subjects are always humans, their faces are obscured and they exist in an unspecified location, transforming them into objects rather than subjects. The artist has an upcoming solo show at Denmark’s KIRK Gallery and we’ve got a look at some of pieces for the show as well as his new limited edition sculpture releasing today. Read more

Compact Worlds. Literally. By Artist Kendal Murray.

Kendal Murray's Compact Worlds

Australian artist Kendal Murray works in miniature to create playful little narratives imbued with social, symbolic and personal meaning. Setting the stage for these tiny mixed media scenarios are grass-covered coin purses, glass teapots and the ones that intrigue me the most – metal mirrored compacts. Read more

Stunning New Mixed Media Music Video For Air Review’s Young.

Artist Joseba Elorza created this stunning new mixed media music video for Dallas-based band Air Review’s  song “Young”. Using public domain imagery and archival footage with Photoshop and After Effects software, Elorza achieved a surreal sort of storytelling. Read more

A Grisly Grizzly and Other Bare Bears by Deborah Simon

Artist Deborah Simon’s series of Flayed Bear Sculptures combine taxidermy, science and embroidery. Her three unusual bear sculptures have faux fur partially pulled back to reveal the anatomy underneath. Read more

Dissections by Angela Christine Smith Combine Photography, Ink and A Sense of Self.

Dissections by Angela Christine Smith

Photographer and artist Angela Christine Smith has this series of five works in a project called Dissections which feature herself, her silver gelatin photography and her inked overlay anatomical illustrations, combined for a compelling effect. Read more