Eyescream And Friends. A Uniquely Branded Creative Dessert Experience.

eyescream and friends

Eyescream and Friends launched in Barcelona last fall (September of 2012) and brings more than yummy tasting ice cream and sweets to its customers, it brings them a unique eating experience. From the same folks behind the clever Happy Pills Candy Boutique, Eyescream and Friends is a completely integrated creative project. Read more

Scooping Pop Culture. Ice Cream Flavors That Should Be.

What started out as a joke became one of the most popular projects illustrator for Jon DeFreest, aka Jonny Etc. Creating faux Ben and Jerry flavored Ice Creams for Vulture.com and then subsequently commissioned by other sites such as Buzzfeed.com, NYmag.com, and Tauntr.com, the Pop-Culture Pints continue to get giggles. Read more

The Icecreamists. Agents Of Cool. And Marketing Savvy.

the icecreamists

For many people, really good ice cream is akin to sex. For the Icecreamists, ice cream IS sex. And fashion. And music. And all things hip. Read more