Hekkpipe Portable Hookahs Reek of Style and Craftsmanship

Hekkpipe Portable Hookahs

Estonian Indrek Kuusk is an avid hookah smoker who realized that many hookahs on the market are neither safe nor portable. This inspired him to design a portable, practical and pleasing hookah. The result was Hekkpipe. Made in Tallinn, Estonia, Hekkpipe uses the highest quality materials to create three durable, portable and stylish hookahs. Read more

A Look At Bugatti’s New Lifestyle Collection Including Their High End Hookah.

Bugatti Lifestyle Collection

Bugatti created a buzz during the Milan Fashion’s Week launching its new Lifestyle Collection under the headline of “Art, Forme, Technique.” The renowned Academy of Fine Arts, the Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera, in Milan set the stage for Bugatti’s launch event which hosted 750 international guests and the Bugatti Brand Lifestyle Team including Franca Sozzani (editor-in-chief of Vogue Italia), Jonathan Newhouse (Chairman & Chief Executive Condé Nast international), Jean Alesi, Lapo Elkann, Daniele Cavalli, Teresa Missoni, James Goldstein, Hofit Golan and many others. Read more

$100,000 Hookahs? The World’s Most Luxurious Shisha by Desvall.

We have moved this post to our Tumblr site to avoid being in violation of Google’s Ad Sense policies who deemed this. Our apologies for having to click one more time, but you can read about the world’s most luxurious Shisha here.

Exactly What 420 Means (The Real Origin of 420) And Some Hip Ways To Celebrate.

It’s April 20th.
Or 4/20.
The twentieth day of the fourth month.
And to those savvy in cannabis culture, it’s commonly referred to as “420” (pronounced four twenty), a slang word whose origin truly comes from MY OWN high school, San Rafael High. Read more