Poison On A Stick. Gangredine Consumptus by Rotganzen.

Photo by Marco Jongeneel. Model: Sophie

Gangredine Consumptus, a project by a Rotterdam based artist collective Rotganzen, is a commentary on all the toxins and chemicals we put into our bodies. The words of such lethal poisons as radon, arsenic, benzene and tobacco are cast in translucent colored resin and placed upon wooden sticks so they resemble lollipops (or suckers or lollies, depending upon your country of origin). Read more

Sweet New Book! Lolli-POP by Massimo Gammacurta

Lolli-pop Massimo Gammacurta

Over a year ago I introduced my readers to a very talented photographer named Massimo Gammacurta. Read more

The Brilliant Editorial Photography Of Massimo Gammacurta

Photography Of Massimo Gammacurta

Photographer Massimo Gammacurta not only takes nice photos like hundreds of still life and fashion photographers, but his concepts turn his pieces into more than just still lives and product shots, they become narratives or statements. Read more