The Real History Behind Cinqo de Mayo (and some wicked Tequilas)

history behind cinco de mayo

May 5th, Cinqo de Mayo, another holiday often used as an excuse to imbibe. But few people know the actual history behind today, so let this animated video educate you. Then you can throw back some of the great Tequilas we’re sharing with you. Read more

Rudo and Tecnico Tequilas Wrestle with Design for some fun Branding.

rudo and tecnico tequilas

Mexcor brand’s Rudo and Tecnica Tequilas pay homage to Lucha Libre – a style of professional wrestling that originated in Mexico in the beginning of the 20th century. The award-winning tequilas are fabulously branded and bottled using two main characters: Rudo (who is a brawler and a rule-breaker) and Tecnico (a noble hero of the game, known for his elaborate wrestling techniques). Read more