KAWS Designs Signature Light Bulbs for The Standard That You Can Buy For Your Home.

kaws bulbs

The Standard Hotel has announced a Limited Edition series of light bulbs designed specifically for them by artist KAWS. Read more

Glowing Balls Of Light Created in Camera (no Photoshop!) by Denis Smith.

ball of light by denis smith

The Ball of Light is a photographic project by Southern Australian (Adelaide) photographer Denis Smith. Using a single long exposure and moving a light source around in the air to create the ball, Denis has taken traditional photography (no Photoshop or special processing is used) and added a new dimension with these beautiful creations. Read more

Jonas Samson’s Light Emitting Wallpaper Becomes Ecco Luce.

above: detail from the new Ecco Luce installation in an Amsterdam railway station.

Just over 2 years ago I wrote about Jonas Samson‘s unusual light emitting wallpaper project.

Since that time, the much blogged-about prototype has evolved into his Ecco Luce, a personal light emitting wall in which there are embedded LED lights.

When off, it appears as a normal wall, yet when turned on, an interplay of dancing and moving lights turns the wall into an art installation.

The lights, which are remote-controlled, can appear through the wall as a pattern, moving or static images, as well as motion-activated. Built of individual panels, the largest measuring 120 x 300, the panels can be combined to create as large an image as desired. The LED lights can be RGB or white.

Below are images (followed by a video) of an Ecco Luce installation at the Sciphol Train station in Amsterdam that just went up April 15th of this year:

And an installation in Milan:


A very interesting way to add kinetic beauty to any environment.

To arrange a meeting or discuss bulk buying investment possibilities, you can reach Jonas at: STUDIO Brailledreef 9 Utrecht The Netherlands POSTAL ADRESS Jonas Samson vof Zuiderveldstraat 33 8501 KA Joure The Netherlands +31 (0)6 – 190 844 45 info@jonassamson.com

Jona Hoad: Making Light Of Design

Jona Hoad

Jona Hoad Design of London transforms wall panels, dividers, mirrors, chandeliers and more with light. By etching or carving glass and mirrored panels, illuminating them with colored led lights and in some cases, color-changing lights, Jona transforms interiors into glowing environments. Read more