The Latest Plans For The New LACMA!

Not many people outside of museum and architecture enthusiasts seem to know that LACMA (the Los Angeles County Museum of Art) will be demolished to make way for an entirely new and enormous building and campus starting at the end of this year. The new LACMA, whose plans are finally approved, is expected to take 5 years to build and will open in conjunction with the New Metro Purple Line subway in 2023. Read on for a look at the latest design plans for the new LACMA by architect Peter Zumthor. Read more

The Rock Has Landed. Levitated Mass, A 340 Ton Boulder by Michael Heizer, Hits LACMA.

Levitated Mass at LACMA

Levitated Mass by artist Michael Heizer, considered one of the last great ‘land artists’, is composed of a 456-foot-long slot constructed on LACMA‘s campus, over which is placed a 340-ton granite megalith. At 340 tons, the boulder is one of the largest megaliths moved since ancient times. Read more