Throwin’ It Back, Hollywood Style. Champagne Gifs from the Movies for New Year’s Eve.

Vintage Hollywood Champagne gifs

New Year’s Eve. Resolutions, top hats, tiaras, Auld Lang Syne, noisemakers and, of course, Champagne. It’s hard to imagine ringing in the New Year without a glass of bubbly. The sippy, sexy beverage has had plenty of screen time over the decades. From the pop of the cork to the downing of the glass, Champagne and its effects have been represented in movies as far back as silent films. Read more

Watch Kirsten Dunst Meet Some Seriously Self-Absorbed Fans.

Aspirational short film

In this poignantly powerful little short, Aspirational, actress Kirsten Dunst has the unfortunate experience of being recognized by some narcissistic fans who only see her as a celeb for their selfies. Read more