The Story of Seinfeld’s Festivus and 20+ Festivus-Related Products.

The Story of Festivus

Festivus, The Holiday For The Rest Of Us“, comes from the tenth episode of the ninth and final season of the NBC sitcom Seinfeld. Named “The Strike“, it was the 166th episode of the long running series and aired on December 18, 1997. This was the episode that featured and popularized the late Jerry Stiller and the Holiday of Festivus. So much so, that new products continue to honor the TV-born Holiday whose fans and followers continue to grow. Read more

Netflix Is A Joke. New Ad Campaign Promotes Upcoming Stand-Up Specials

To promote upcoming stand-up specials coming to streaming service Netflix, they’ve debuted a new campaign that was teased with mysterious billboards claiming “Netflix Is A Joke”. The campaign’s accompanying tv spot, starring comedians Jerry Seinfeld, Dave Chappelle, Chris Rock, and Ellen DeGeneres, debuted on Sunday night’s Emmys. Read more

Top 10 Porsches Sold from The Jerry Seinfeld Collection.

Porsches Sold from The Jerry Seinfeld Collection

Serious car buffs and Seinfeld fans know that over the past few decades comedian Jerry Seinfeld has amassed an impressive collection of cars, most of which are Porsches. If you’re up on your automotive news then you probably know that 18 automobiles from The Jerry Seinfeld Collection were up for auction at Amelia Island last March by auctioneers Gooding & Co. What did they look like and what did they go for? Here’s photos and the results. Read more