Halloween Inspired Art and Design – 20+ Creepy Posts.

halloween inspired art and design
above: Keyhole by horror photographer Joshua Hoffine

Halloween Inspired Art and Design: In honor of Halloween, here’s a reprise of some (there are many more) of my spookiest posts from the past few years in the areas of photography, fine art, fashion, furniture and design. Read more

Drill Baby, A Narratively Tattooed Infant From Jason Clay Lewis.

Drill baby by jason clay lewis

Artist Jason Clay Lewis, whose unusual work I have blogged about before when I featured his Drop Dead Gorgeous exhibit and his wonderful engraved bullets, has given birth to yet another compelling project. Read more

The Virgin Mary In Everything From Tech To Fashion.

Virgin Mary Inspired Everything

The Virgin Mary as you’ve never seen her before.
In honor of Christmas, here’s a round up of products inspired by the Mother of all Mothers…. Mary. Some modern and yes, blasphemous, Virgin Mary inspired designs and products. This post is not meant to offend, but to inform. Read more

Jason Clay Lewis: Drop Dead Gorgeous And Ammo As Art

jason clay lewis Drop Dread Gorgeous

Like many artists, Jason Clay Lewis seems to have a fascination with death. The majority of his unique sculptures and original art are either made from rat poison, include skulls or the appropriation of religious icons like Buddha and the Virgin Mary in fur and foam. His collections have names like The Black Death, The God Of War and Devour… you get the picture. Despite the glut of macabre art on the market, I do find his pieces alluring and bet you will too. Read more