The Work Of Tobias Wong. May He Redesign Heaven.

A Tribute to Tobias Wong
photo by Nigel Parry


Tobias Wong (1974-2010)
I was shocked to learn that Vancouver born, New York based designer Tobias Wong just passed away last Sunday at the very young age of 35 (late breaking news reports say it was an apparent suicide). I have blogged about much of his work and have been a fan for years. In addition to his own work, he often collaborated with many different artists, companies and designers to create unique, conceptual, witty and absurd pieces. Read more

Another Artist With The Same POV: BCXSY’s Golden Glory

BCXSY's Golden Glory
above: detail from BCXSY’s Golden Glory project

This is the third post about a group of artists to make a point about mass consumerism by gold-plating mundane objects. Read more