Bruno Walpoth Brings Wood To Life In His Contemporary Human Sculptures.

Brun Walpoth Wood Sculptures

Pinocchio would probably have gladly swapped his creator, Geppetto, for Italian sculptor Bruno Walpoth. Walpoth’s ability to turn a hunk of wood into a lifelike looking figure is impressive, to say the least. His sculpted and painted busts and human forms are anything but “wooden.” They seem to be imbued with emotion, capable of possessing a soul and striking the viewer as pensive, thoughtful – even melancholy. Read more

The Mano Bedside Lamp From Fontana Arte Might Just Give You Nightmares.

Mano Table Lamp

Talk about a creepy bedside lamp. The Mano Table Lamp from Fontana Arte was originally designed in 1932 by the late Italian art deco designer Pietro Chiesa and has been reissued from the Italian company. It’s a bit like having Thing from the Addams family share your bedroom with you. Read more

Lightbodies by Kilu. Limited Edition Lamps With Male and Female Human Forms.

Lightbodies by Kilu

The Lightbodies are life-sized human shapes made by artist Kilu. Male and female human forms become functional sculptures when their heads conceal vibrantly colored lightbulbs surrounded by a shade. Read more

The Human Form As Seen By Contemporary Sculptor Emil Alzamora in 30 Works.

Emil alzamora hero IIHIH

By deftly crafting and casting bronze, porcelain, ceramic, and gypsum into metaphorical, fantastical and literal interpretations of the human form, Peruvian born Emil Alzamora’s work conjures up that of numerous and varied renowned sculptors such as Brancusi, Botero and Giacometti. The surreal imagery of Magritte and Dali also come to mind when admiring these hauntingly beautiful renderings of the male and female form. Read more

Peter Rolfe’s Sculpted Wood Human Form Dressers

Peter Rolfe wood sculpted human shaped dressers

Woodworker Peter Rolfe has created some of the most lovely hand crafted wood pieces of traditional forms, like console tables, chairs and jewelry boxes. Read more