For The 420-Friendly Fashionista; Silk Marijuana Scarves by Peckham Rye

Marijuana Scarves by Peckham Rye

Reflecting the humor of British style, Peckham Rye (cockney rhyming slang for tie) is a collection of slim blade ties in printed, woven and knitted silk, ‘Cockney Chokers’, slim tubular scarves in eccentric paisleys and luxurious handmade silk scarves, uniquely lined in spun silk. Read more

Unruly Scarves: 100% Silk Scarves That Are NOT For Old Ladies

Unruly Scarves

Every couple of years, scarves try to make a comeback. You’ve got your high-end, ridiculously overpriced but stunning silk scarves from Gucci, Hermes, Chanel and of course, Emilio Pucci. Then you’ve got your ‘accessible’ silk scarves by companies such as Echo and Forzieri and you’ve got your ‘artsy’ hand painted silk scarves carried in museum shops. But still, most of them are either preppy, traditional.. or just plain ‘old lady’. Read more