All The Herman Miller Picnic Posters by Steven Frykholm

All The Herman Miller Picnic Posters by Steven Frykholm

Aside from fireworks and flag-waving, July 4th is well known for sunburns, freaking out dogs and picnics. Which is why I thought that sharing all of the Herman Miller Picnic Posters by Steven Frykholm with you would make the perfect July 4th post. Read more

12 Artists Illustrate ‘What Kind of Place Are You?’ for Herman Miller

Herman Miller What Kind Of Place Are You?

As part of their trade display at NeoCon 2016, home and office furniture brand and legendary mid-century modern favorite, Herman Miller, asked 8 artists to envision the ideal workspace and another 4 to envision their ideal places of care in their “What Kind of Place Are You?” project. Read more

The Extraordinary Paper Sculptures Of Mid-Century Modern Design Legend Irving Harper.

IH paper art 1 IIHIH

Herman Miller and Maharam present Irving Harper: A Mid-Century Mind at Play at the Rye Arts Center Gallery through Jan 24, 2015. Curated by Katharine Dufault and Jeff Taylor, the exhibit exposes the world to the paper sculptures by Mid-Century Modern designer and legend Irving Harper. Read more

Herman Miller Updates An Eames Classic With Wood. The New Molded Wood Eames Chair.

Molded Wood Eames Chair

The Molded Plastic Chair (or Shell chair) that Mid-Century Modern design lovers have grown to covet is the epitome of the Eames process. Since its launch in 1950, details like color and height options, shock mounts, base variations, and use of upholstery have received constant improvements. Read more

House Industries Designs Hand-Printed Eames Tables For Herman Miller Asia-Pacific

Hand-Printed Eames Tables For Herman Miller

The very hip type foundry House Industries has teamed up with Herman Miller to produce a limited edition series of 80 Eames wire-base tables. Read more

Japanese Botanical Artist Makoto Azuma Goes Green With The Classic Aeron Chair.

aeron_chair goes green

Apparently, a rolling task chair does gather moss. Read more

Mature Style For Your Mini Me: Modern Furniture Design Classics for Kids

Modern Furniture Design Classics for Kids

In the 1700s and 1800s it was commonplace for children’s furniture to look exactly like adult furniture, only smaller in size. Then in the 1900’s, and certainly by my birth in the mid 1960s, children’s furnishings and toys were made of plastic, vinyl or formica and came in bright primary colors or sickly pastels and were often printed with duckies or trains. Furnishings that concentrated more on function that form. Read more