A Love Letter to New York, Books and Lonely Hearts on Valentine’s Day.

Sincerely erik short film

Sincerely, Erik is a tender love letter to New York, books and lonely hearts – making it perfect for Valentine’s Day. Written and directed by the first-time filmmaker and book lover Naz Riahi, and chosen by Vimeo as one of its best films of 2020, the 12 minute short film is a love letter to New York City and to literature. Read more

Airfix Build Your Own Valentine!

I would be remiss if I didn’t post this fun Valentine’s Day card from across the pond! Inspired by Airfix scale model kits, it’s a collaboration between talents Rich Storey Designs and JollySmith Design. Read more

Have A Little Heart This Valentine’s Day. Here’s 64 To Choose From.

creativando ceramic hearts

This large selection of handmade Italian ceramic hearts designed and decorated by various artists are designed to cover every gamut of love from desire to heartbreak. Each individual heart measures approximately 5×12 cm and makes a great paperweight in addition to being a declaration of feelings. Some are interactive and others are simply decorative, but all of them are sweet. Read more

10 Ways To Wish Brody & Carrie A Happy Homeland Valentine’s Day.

 A Happy Homeland Valentine's Day

What do the television show Homeland and Valentine’s Day have in common? While the award-winning Showtime drama may have more in common with the St. Valentine’s Day Massacre than the day of hearts and cupids, copywriter Deanna Director and designer Caroline Director have had some fun combining their love of both to create some funny (and punny) cards to celebrate. Read more

Neon Valentines By Tracey Emin Take Over New York’s Times Square.

Neon Valentines by Tracey Emin

Not only does this public art installation in New York’s Times Square add some colorful romance to the city, but by snapping a pic of yourself among it and sharing it, you get a chance to win a digital limited edition by Tracey Emin, and that’s something to set one’s heart a-flutter.

Neon Valentines by Tracey Emin
Neon Valentines by Tracey Emin

The installation, “I Promise To Love You”
s[edition], the online platform for the world’s most renowned contemporary artists to sell their digital limited editions, brings celebrated British artist Tracey Emin to Times Square throughout February.

tracey emin neon art in times squareabove: Tracey Emin: I Promise to Love You © Tracey Emin, Photograph by Ka-Man Tse, 2013.

Every year I send valentines. This year I won’t have to. Times Square will do it for me,” said Tracey Emin. The title is her promise to love NYC, as well as individual promises to love one another.

artist Tracey Eminabove: artist Tracey Emin

The artwork, a dazzling visual valentine, will be shared with New Yorkers and visitors as part of a synchronized program on over fifteen of the largest digital displays in Times Square.

“I Promise to Love You”, premiered on February 1st and plays throughout the month as part of the “Midnight Moment”, a presentation of the Times Square Advertising Coalition (TSAC) and Times Square Arts. s[edition] helped bring these works to Times Square and they will all be available for sale simultaneously and exclusively at [s]edition.

February “Midnight Moment” features these neon works by Tracey Emin throughout February 2013, every night from 11.57pm – midnight:
Tracey Emin, I promise to love you, 2007above: I promise to love you, 2007
Tracey Emin, Love is what you want, 2011above: Love is what you want, 2011
Tracey Emin, I listen to the ocean and all I hear is you, 2011above: I listen to the ocean and all I hear is you, 2011
TRacey Emin, When I held you I held your heart, 2012above: When I held you I held your heart, 2012
Tracey Emin, can't believe how much (how much) I loved you, 2012above: can’t believe how much (how much) I loved you, 2012
Tracey Emin, You touch my soul, 2012above: You touch my soul, 2012

Get in on the romance and show them your love!
Join Tracey Emin’s Digital Valentines in Times Square, Just Snap + tag + share your photo and they’ll give you a digital limited edition by artist Tracey Emin.

tracey Emin Midnight Momentabove image composited by If It’s Hip, It’s Here using images from the midnight moment gallery and sedition’s site.

• Snap a passionate photo in Times Square between 11:57pm and midnight with Tracey Emin’s art in the background
• Tweet or Instagram your photo with #MidnightMoment
• Follow @seditionart
• Win a Tracey Emin digital limited edition

Images of the installation in Time Square:
artist Tracey Emin takes over Times Square with neon artartist Tracey Emin takes over Times Square with neon artTimes Square Tracey Emin neon heart artTimes Square Tracey Emin artall images courtesy of www.seditionart.com

Galleries that represent Tracey Emin:
White Cube
48 Hoxton Square
London N1 6PB
w: www.whitecube.com

Lehmann Maupin
540 West 26th Street
New York
w: www.lehmannmaupin.com

Galleria Lorcan O’Neill
ROMA 00165

Can You Love Someone So Much It’s Creepy? Yep, Says Hubba Welcome.

Unfortunately the sweetly illustrated and hilariously disturbing cards are not available for purchase, but more creative cards by Chris Mundy and Greg Lockhart of Hubbawelcome. Other creative cards by them include the following:

About Hubbawelcome:

Hubbawelcome is a new collective of contemporary artists based in East London, formed by Chris Mundy and Greg Lockhart in 2009. Greg is an award-winning commercial illustrator, most recently recognised for his illustrative work in the awarded MAYOR OF LONDON “Save the Bees” advertising campaign, while Chris is an art director at M&C SAATCHI group, London. Their work is inspired by online culture and the psychology of growing up in the information age.

With a particular interest in social media, their pieces exhibit themes of loneliness, isolation, compulsion and death. Chris Mundy explains, “In our work we visualise the obsessive and disposable nature of how individual people interact online. We feel that being completely connected with ones peers at all times has actually become a catalyst for loneliness, gradually dehumanising relationships and individual identity.”

Hubbawelcome create prints, animations and installations by collecting fragments of online culture and reconstructing them using repetition and grids. Their pieces are bold, single-minded and colourful – appearing almost like ads for obscure products. They site artists David Shrigley, Andy Warhol, Banksy and Steve Powers as influences.

Thanks to TAXI for bringing these fun cards to my attention

Anatomically Correct Heart Art and Edibles For Valentine’s Day.

anatomically correct heart art and edibles

This week, for Valentine’s Day, London will be playing host to romantic pop up with a twist – every single one of the gifts, cards, cakes, cookies and pastries on sale in the Eat Your Heart Out event will be based on anatomically correct hearts. Read more

The Perfect Sexy Gift For Both Of You This Valentine’s Day. The Adore Me Pleasure Set from LELO.

70% of men admit they only want sex on Valentine’s Day, while 80% of women feel their partner does not make any effort in choosing a Valentine’s gift or preparing a special celebration for the occasion, according to original research done by LELO, the makers of high end intimate apparel and pleasure items for men and women. Read more