Scary Good Job. Benjamin Moore Terrifies Some Unsuspecting Contractors To Sell Paint.

Benjamin Moore Scariest Job In The World

To promote Benjamin Moore’s Ultra Spec® 500 paint, the Martin Agency and director Jason Zada came up with a Halloween stunt and hired some unsuspecting interior painters for the “Scariest Job In The World.” Read more

A Promotion For The Upcoming Release of "Carrie" Scares The Pants Off Of West Village Coffee Shop Patrons.

Promotion for Carrie remake scares West Village Coffee Shop

To promote the new adaptation of Carrie, an impressive stunt was pulled off in ‘sNice Cafe, an unsuspecting West Village coffee shop. A young woman, feigning a fit over coffee spilled on her keyboard, uses telekentic powers to express her anger, freaking out the folks inside. A fake wall rigged to move a man, spring loaded books and pictures and moving tables seamlessly reacted to the young ladies’ outburst, eliciting fabulously fearful reactions. Read more

Plenty of Poe for Halloween. Edgar Allan Poe Poems, Art, Housewares, Toys & Links.

Red Nose Studios Poe
above: A sculpture of Edgar Allan Poe by Chris Sickels of Red Nose Studio.

Few historic figures conjure up the macabre as well as the 19th century author, poet and literary critic Edgar Allan Poe. A heavy drinker, Poe was preoccupied with death, decomposition and premature burial (possibly because of his wife’s early demise) and is best known for his Gothic style of fiction. Tim Burton and Edward Gorey are a just two of the well known personalities whose work is inspired by The Master of the Macabre. Read more