LASSA Architects Villa Ypsilon in Finikounda, Greece

This private, 1,600 sq ft home is named because of its Ypsilon shaped green roof. Located in an olive grove in southern Peloponnese, the hilltop house provides vistas towards the bay of Schiza and Sapientza as well as mountain views towards the east. Read more

Angular Made Awesome: Krakow’s Edge House by Mobius Architecture.

Edge House by Mobius Architecture

The angular Edge House in Krakow is a contemporary 9,150 square foot urban home designed to sit within the rocky terrain, where the local law requires traditional form. All houses in this location must have pitched roofs with eaves and 37-degree slopes. Read more

Two Unusual Partially Submerged Modern Homes Create A Green Paradise In Paraguay.

Partially underground with arching green roofs, a sharp triangular swimming pool and unusual architecture, these two homes (named Green Haven) are located in Luque and designed by Paraguay-based architects Bauen. Read more