Pharrell Williams Is At it Again With His Newest Chair – The Tank Chair

pharrell williams tank chair

I shared with you Pharrell Williams previous furniture design, along with his many other business and creative ventures here.  I introduced you to his hand gesture candles here and now, he’s at it again, with his latest creation for Galerie Emmanuel Perrotin, the Tank Chair. Read more

First Music, then Clothes, Jewelry and Sunglasses. And Now, Pharrell Williams Is Removing Tatts and Designing Furniture.

Pharrell Williams is an Emmy award-winning producer, frontman for N.E.R.D., partner of A Bathing Ape/ Bape brand, founder of clothing lines Billionaire Boys Club and Ice Cream (I do so love his astronaut jeans) Read more

More Swine Art by Wim Delvoye : Tattooed Pigs & Pigskins (UPDATED PICS)

My last post on artist Wim Delvoye, his pig farm and his tattooed pigs has received so much interest – as well as controversy- that I’m sure to stir up the pot by showing you where you can see more of his actual tattooed pigs (in this case, stuffed as opposed to live) as well as his framed tattooed pigskins. Read more