“The End” As Expressed by Artist Ed Ruscha

The End. We’ve reached it. As we put another year behind us I thought a look at THE END, literally, would be a great way to wrap up 2018. And thanks to American artist Ed Ruscha, we have plenty of beautiful examples. Read more

Not Eggsactly Your Typical Easter Art: Urs Fischer

For Easter this year, I wanted to share something less traditional than your typical dyed Easter Eggs and even more unusual than Bunnies, Rabbits & Hares or the myriad artistic interpretations of The Last Supper I have curated on Pinterest. And I found artist Urs Fischer’s giant hard boiled eggs obscuring Hollywood head shots to be just the thing. Read more

Frank Gehry’s Fish Obsession Swims Full Circle.

Frank Gehry's Obsession With Fish

“The fish is a perfect form.” —Frank Gehry Read more