Bicycloud: A New Sculptural Installation in Amsterdam by Tjep.

Bicycloud is a new public art installation by artist Frank Tjepkema aka Tjep. Commissioned by the city of Amsterdam, this sculptural work, which stretches over 100 meters, is a reference and blending of two well known Amsterdam icons: bicycles and diamonds. Read more

The Bronze Age Collection. Beautiful Chairs of Molten Metal By Tjep.

The Bronze Age Collection by Tjep Three stunningly hand-crafted chairs by designer Frank Tjepkema look ‘light’ because of their unique design, yet are strong, durable and elegant pieces cast of melted bronze. The chairs, which are available for purchase, will also be part of an upcoming collaborative presentation from MEET MY PROJECT and Christofle of Paris. Read more

Whimsical Entrance Gates Designed For An Amsterdam School Garden by Tjep.

Entrance Gates for new school by artist Tjep

Two stunning entrance gates serve as portals to nature in the historical Amstel Area. Frank Tjepkema (aka Tjep), along with Leonie Janssen, crafted two colored galvanized steel gates coated with epoxy and on a concrete foundation for the Aemstel Schooltuin (school garden). Read more

Turn Your Genetic Profile Into Jewelry, Furniture and Home Accessories.

Call it a literal expression of life. Or just a very unique way to create an object that reflects your genetic makeup. Whatever you choose to call it, the customized products designed by Dutch DNA and created by Frank Tjepkema’s Design House Tjep., make the world’s most personal gifts. Read more

The Self-Sustaining Isoleé House Barely Impacts Its Environment At All.

Isoleé House

The Isolée house is an eco-friendly and modern home described as a self-sufficient residence by Frank Tjepkema and Agustina Cociffi. The tiny structure is essentially a ‘smart house’ which incorporates a unique, solar tree-like device into the functional aspect, meaning very little to no fuel is required. The tree protrudes from the home’s roof contains circular photovoltaic panels which generate energy from the sun into the residence. Read more

Sterling Silver Space Invaders Rings In Three Styles For Men and Women by Tjep.

Artist and Designer Frank Tjepkema (aka Tjep.), has a fun series of solid sterling silver rings based on the pixelated alien invaders in Taito’s classic arcade game, Space Invaders.

Invader Aiko ring:

Invader Hoshi Ring:

Invader Yuki ring:

Shop for them and other Tjep products here.

To learn about tons of other products inspired by the aliens, check out one of my favorite fellow blogger’s sites, Technabob

A Magical Villa For VilaSofa’s Amsterdam Store

A Magical Villa for VilaSofa

A Magical Villa for VilaSofa. Tjep. was commissioned to create a shop environment for a new furniture brand called VilaSofa in Amsterdam. The result is a large playful warehouse. Read more