Zac Freeman’s Amazing Portraits Made With The Stuff In Your Junk Drawer.

zac freeman mosaic portraits

You know all that stuff you either toss away of throw in the kitchen ‘junk’ drawer? Buttons, old remote controls, pen caps, paper clips, Altoid tins, Lego Minifigs, wire, plastic bits and pieces from lord-knows-what? Well those are precisely what artist Zac Freeman uses in creating these one of a kind portraits. Read more

The Street Beneath Your Feet: Japanese Manhole Covers

japanese manhole covers IIHIH

Art can be found anywhere. And manhole covers are no exception.

The Japanese have been creating and manufacturing ornate and decorative manhole covers for many years. Some with color (sand or enamel), and some just crafted of steel and or iron. There are thousands of photo galleries and flickr sets of these but here I pulled a few of my personal favorites and categorized them, first by color, then by subject, for you. Read more