Old 1957 Cargo Ship Is Transformed Into A Houseboat

Netherland Architects ANA have transformed a Novatie Cargo ship into a unusual, spacious and comfortable home residence for a family. Read more

Floating Wooden Sustainable Egg Pod Is Home To Artist Stephen Turner For A Year.

Exbury Egg Stephen Turner

The Exbury Egg is a collaborative project between artist Stephen Turner, SPUD and PAD studio. After almost 3 years in development, the energy efficient, self-sustaining pod will serve as home and workspace to Stephen in the estuary of the River Beaulieu. Read more

Inside and Out of Amsterdam’s Modern Houseboat, the Watervilla de Omval.

Watervilla De Omval

This tautly designed houseboat, Watervilla De Omval, floats in the Amstel river of Amsterdam. The design has, unlike most floating houses, a very contemporary design without losing the characteristic appearance of the typical houseboat. Read more

Best New Private Homes: the Shortlist For Wallpaper’s Design Awards

wallpaper private houses shortlist hero IIHIH

Below are the 5 private residences that made the Wallpaper shortlist for Best Home Design. The additional pics seen here are not available on the Wallpaper site. Read more