Manmade Spillway Looks Like A Waterfall Inside A Lake.

covao do conchos

Although it appears like one of nature’s incredible wonders – kind of like a lake with a sphincter – the Covão do Conchos Spillway in Portugal is a man made structure that is part of the Conchos Dam in Serra da Estrela, the country’s highest mountain range. Read more

Floating Wooden Sustainable Egg Pod Is Home To Artist Stephen Turner For A Year.

Exbury Egg Stephen Turner

The Exbury Egg is a collaborative project between artist Stephen Turner, SPUD and PAD studio. After almost 3 years in development, the energy efficient, self-sustaining pod will serve as home and workspace to Stephen in the estuary of the River Beaulieu. Read more

A Magical Villa For VilaSofa’s Amsterdam Store

A Magical Villa for VilaSofa

A Magical Villa for VilaSofa. Tjep. was commissioned to create a shop environment for a new furniture brand called VilaSofa in Amsterdam. The result is a large playful warehouse. Read more

Dré Wapenaar’s Unusual Tents: Artful Environments Cloaked In Canvas

Dré Wapenaar's Unusual Tents

Dré Wapenaar is a Rotterdam-based artist whose primary medium is tents – environments designed to shape encounters, whether between individuals or for large groups. Dre’s portfolio includes a tent for reading newspapers, a birthing tent, “Deathbivouac,” the “Pavilion of Loneliness,” “Tree Tents” and “4GPP” – a pavilion for the performance of Dutch composer Simeon ten Holt’s “Concerto for Four Grand Pianos.” Read more