Jay Z and Molly Crabapple ‘The War On Drugs Is An Epic Fail’

Narrated by Jay Z (Shawn Carter) and featuring the artwork of Molly Crabapple, this 4 minute video is part history lesson and part vision statement about the war on drugs. Read more

Drug Lined Coasters by Artist Nir Hod Will Get Any Party Started.

Drug Lined Coasters by Artist Nir Hod Will Get Any Party Started.

Cocaine coasters by Nir Hod

Inspired by artist Nir Hod‘s series of oil on mirror paintings entitled The Night You Left, Hod bottles the recurring themes of introspection and longing contemplated in this body of work into a functional object: a set of four mirrored coasters, lined with digitally printed white powder. Read more

Art to Rave About. Self-Portrait Made Up Of Ecstasy Pills By Artist Scott Blake.

scott blake ecstasy portrait

Artist Scott Blake, a Savannah College of Art and Design graduate, specializes in unique forms of digital mosaic and bar code art. A few years back, he created this self-portrait comprised of Ravers favorite drug, MDMA or 3,4-Methylenedioxymethamphetamine, more commonly known as Ecstasy or simply “e”. Read more

Sculpted Chanel Bags & Bipolaroids: 21st Century Worry Beads By Lindsey de Ovies

Lindsey de ovies chanel bags worry beads

Modern sculptor Lindsey de Ovies approaches her artwork from a dual perspective. An American born artist, living in Paris, she uses her diverse cultural experiences and surroundings as a bifocal vantage point for her material. Her work questions all things conventional, from life stages to cultural icons and stereotypes. Read more